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Valessa Mesidor, NP-C

Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner in Wantagh, NY

Valessa Mesidor, NP-C

Valessa Mesidor, NP-C, is a skilled nurse practitioner at Nova Wellness Health in Wantagh, New York. 

She completed her bachelor's degree at Molloy University and received her Master of Science in Nursing at the same university, specializing in Family Health. Valessa has eight years of experience in emergency medicine as a registered nurse, including critical care and psychiatry. 

Valessa says, "Now that I am a nurse practitioner in family health, I know that primary care has a lot of different parts that can be hard to tell apart." People have different hopes for their relationships with their healthcare providers. Some want to see their provider when sick, while others hope to become close with them. If you need to know what you need from your primary care provider, ask yourself what you want to get out of your health care.

Valessa wants to build personal relationships with her patients; therefore, she is always available and eager to lend a hand. Her patients deserve nothing less than the best possible treatment, and that's what Nova Wellness Health is all about.