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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana services offered in Wantagh, NY

Medical Marijuana services offered in the greater Wantagh, NY area

If you struggle with anxiety, ongoing pain, or other health issues, medical marijuana may be the solution for you. The team at Nova Wellness Health in Wantagh, New York offers the option of legally using medical marijuana for qualifying conditions. Schedule an evaluation at Nova Wellness Health by phone or online today.

Medical Marijuana Q & A

What is medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is sourced from cannabis plants and used to treat certain medical conditions. The type of marijuana used for medical purposes isn’t the same as marijuana that’s designed for recreational purposes. Medical marijuana is highly regulated for quality and purity.

Numerous forms of medical marijuana exist, including forms you can smoke, eat, and take as a liquid. Your Nova Wellness Health specialist determines if you’re a candidate for medical marijuana based on your health, symptoms, and treatment preferences.

What is medical marijuana used for?

Medical marijuana is available to help treat the following conditions:

  • Chronic pain
  • Neuropathy discomfort
  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting
  • Chemotherapy side effects
  • Weight loss due to HIV, AIDS, or cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Crohn's disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Seizures
  • Glaucoma
  • Extreme weight loss or wasting
  • Muscle spasms
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

If you’re interested in trying medical marijuana because you have one or more of these conditions, see your Nova Wellness Health provider for an evaluation. 

Is medical marijuana right for me?

To determine if you’re a candidate for medical marijuana treatment, your Nova Wellness Health provider checks your vital signs, weighs you, and reviews your medical history. They complete a physical exam and may order blood tests or additional diagnostic tests to check for potential medical issues. 

They review possible medical marijuana side effects with you, including a fast or irregular heartbeat, drowsiness, dizziness, slow reaction times, short-term memory loss, confusion, or difficulty concentrating.

To be a candidate for medical marijuana, you must be at least 18 years of age. The treatment isn’t for you if you’re pregnant, have a history of psychosis or addictions, or develop heart disease. 

How can I get medical marijuana?

In states that legally allow medical marijuana use, you must have a written statement from your health care specialist to obtain access to the treatment. The statement explains why you need it and which medical condition you have. Your provider places your name on a list that allows you to purchase medical marijuana from authorized sellers.

Follow up with the Nova Wellness Health team to ensure your treatment works effectively. They explain how to properly use your medical marijuana, what to expect when using it, and when to schedule follow-up medical exams. Call the Nova Wellness Health office at any time with questions.

Book a medical marijuana consultation at Nova Wellness Health by calling the office or using the online booking feature today.